Friday, January 7, 2011

New year, new me

It's been a while since I last posted an entry here. I kept telling myself and even broadcast on Twitter that I'm gonna write another blog post again but no - the year ended without me being able to write about something. Not even about the holidays or what have you.

So what happened to Vinci? I can honestly say that it's been a very chaotic last quarter of 2010 for me. Let's just say I almost totally messed up my career, got really upset with a (former?) friend, and I don't even wanna talk about those things.

Now is 2011. I am getting old, and that is something I just have to deal with. No big promises - but it's going to be a new me. I wanna focus on my career because I know this is one of the very few things that will keep me going through life.

2010 has been a work-life imbalance for me as I have to admit that I've had too much life and lost track of my career goals. I can no longer change the past so now's the time to make things happen.

It's half past 3 in the morning. I have to sleep. Now.
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