Friday, September 10, 2010

8 hours

8 hours fly so swiftly.
Come in.
Start the computer.
Open applications.
Check the emails.
Do critical and urgent tasks.
Do the routinary tasks.
Eat lunch. Chat. Smoke.
Coffee, well sometimes (if needed).
Surf the net.
Go back doing the routinary stuff.
Do some "extra" work.
Eat dinner. Chat. Smoke.
Surf the net.
Reply to forgotten emails.
Drive home.
These 8 hours tend to become seriously boring at times.
But these 8 hours keep me living.


  1. how about Family time? hihi :)

  2. maybe u can add an hour to go out with friends..


  3. have spme time to CHILLAX!!!

    nice blog...

    hope to read more about your blog

  4. :-) We thrive on routine. It's part of the experience.

  5. well, family and friends are for weekends. i make sure i spend more than 8 hours with them! as for mondays to fridays, these are the boring days!


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