Tuesday, July 20, 2010


After wasting time, money and expectations on several (or should I say many) films, I’m happy that Inception came into the picture. I’m sure many would agree that it’s been a while since a movie as good as this blows audiences’ minds away.

Inception is a film about a group of people who have the technology to break into other people’s minds through their dreams. The movie tells of their journey from reality into dreams and back in order to make a living, or perhaps reach their dreams. It shows how outstanding this capability can be and how terrifying this could get too.

The pace of the story is so fast yet it never failed to bring all the right details in order not to lose the viewers along the way. It may seem vague at the start, but everything becomes clear as the film progresses. In the end, it leaves a very intriguing question whether everything is back to reality, or if everything was just a dream in the first place. The story and the script are truly fascinating.

Superb acting contributed also to the movie’s perfection. I must commend Christopher Nolan for his good choice in casting. I’ve always admired DiCaprio from his childhood films to Shutter Island and to his role as Cobb in Inception. Ken Watanabe truly fit his role as the dark Saito. Ellen Page’s career from Juno to this will never be the same again. Marion Cotillard’s acting as Mal proves that she deserved her Oscar for Best Actress back in 2008. All the actors were so incredible that I couldn’t say anything dire about their performances.

The scenes were full of suspense, thrill, action, drama and horror that it almost drove me crazy after the film. The special effects tied everything together to make the film a masterpiece, or should I say – a classic. Just as I thought The Dark Knight was Nolan’s strongest film in recent times, I can say that he finally outdid himself with this work of genius. Inception is a movie not to be missed – it is worth way more that how much you’ll pay for to see it.

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My rating: 95%

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