Monday, August 8, 2011

Lifechanging event

People may just not notice it, but I am still in the process of moving on from a traumatic experience that recently happened. Yes - now, I can write about it. I got into a really freaky accident recently.

It was supposed to be the usual Friday night. Our office groupie decided to have a feast at a restaurant at Bonifacio High Street (BHS) after a company event. After filling our tummies, we decided to have bottomless margarita at Agave BHS.

It was really fun - we started playing games after several glasses of the traitor drink (note: those sweet margaritas have tequila as their alcohol base). Things even got kind of dirty with the truth or dare games.

The last moments I remembered were some other groupies coming and joining, drunken chitchat with new-found acquaintances and old friends, drinking more and more margaritas, smoking and burning a friend's finger, talking nonsense, losing count of the margaritas, and next thing I knew - I was walking with a friend who escorted me to the parking lot 'coz I decided to go home.

I couldn't remember those moments that I drove my car, passed by Coastal Road and drove past the toll gates without paying the toll. I was literally sleeping while driving!

I was suddenly awaken when my car suddenly hit a post, then some orange plastic barricades and then BAM! - some 2 or 3 concrete barriers. It was like a nightmare - there were policemen, towing trucks and next thing I knew - I was home, crying to my parents in shock.

My chest was in pain. However, x-ray results showed that my ribs have no fractures whatsoever. My chest just suffered from some beating/pressure when the seat belt locked me in my seat during the collision.

My car was kind of a train wreck. I feel sorry for what happened to my car, Britney. She's one of my best friends and I realized I took her for granted. Now I have to pay the price. I'm back to commuting while my car is undergoing repair. But hey - I was used to commuting for many years before I bought Britney, so there's nothing really new.

It's true that sometimes you just have to learn your lesson the very hard and painful way. I am just very thankful to God that nothing worse happened to me. I feel like He gave me another chance to live, to be a better person and to finish the business I am meant to do in this world.

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