Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why the name?

Maybe you are wondering why I chose to name my blog’s link as thevincidavinci. Simple. It’s a very simple tongue twister to test if you can properly speak the English language.

If you pronounced “the” and “da” the same, then something might be wrong with your tongue. You must have the “TH-D” syndrome.

No big deal? Think again. If you get used to ignoring these pronunciation rules, you might also end up with the “P-F syndrome” which can most of the time sound funny –e.g.  feel as /peel/. “I peel sad.” Bwahahaha!

Well I know it’s kinda rude, but my friends and I jokingly (well, I think seriously deep inside) tell people who can’t speak English properly, “You can’t sit with us!” (Gretchen to Regina in “Mean Girls.” Duh?!)

Seriously, the reason why my blog’s link name ended this long is that someone was already using the name vincidavinci – which was my original choice. And that’s it. Forget about the crappy explanations in the first 4 paragraphs.

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