Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kick Ass

Kick Ass, a fiction movie about a high school student who finally decided to become a superhero and lost his values and principles along the way, is quite entertaining. Thanks to the infused comedy, special effects and sophisticated fight scenes.

But it ends there. It is not a good movie for minors. In the Philippines, it was rated R-13 by the movie censorship board. Are they kidding me? There’s too much brutal violence, gore, swearing, sexual content and drug use for a 13-year old to see!

Shockingly, a character named Hit Girl, an 11-year old girl trained by her ex-policeman/convict father to become a female hitman, contributed much to the viciousness of the film. What impression does this give to children? That killing in a ferocious way is fun and cool?

I’m not playing mother goose with this commentary. I have to admit that I found the film a masterpiece. But giving this a censorship access to naive and hazy minds would cause detriments.

Immature eyes easily accept things as suitable. There has been a major loss of values in the present generation of youth. Feeding them with works of art as “mature” as this makes the road to maturity head downhill.

25 May 2010

My rating: 70%

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