Sunday, June 20, 2010

No dramas please

Sometimes I wonder - Do some people really mean to unleash their highly personal dramas unto others - like unto perfect strangers they barely even know? Do they really think it's fine to do that?

Okay I'll be specific. There's some people I meet (whether online or in the real world) who suddenly (out of nowhere) talks to me about some problems with either family, work, friends, finances or whatever. I have to be honest - I can't help but be turned off by this. I don't mean to be mean or something, but I think it's pretty un-cool to share those stuff no matter how important that is, to people you're supposed to show a good impression to.

If one has some pretty nasty issues, I believe it's not a good time for one to mingle with others and infect them with those. It's just not right to ruin someone else's day just because one's life is messed up. Or if one is really that desperate to go out with other people, I reckon it's but fair to at least carry one's self as a clean slate - no dramas. Or at least hide them in the meantime. If this is not possible - better fix them first.

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