Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What happens in Vegas

"What happens in Vegas" is a romantic-comedy film about two strangers, Joy McNally, a girl who was recently dumped by his ex-fiance (played by Cameron Diaz) and Jack Fuller, a guy who just got fired (Ashton Kutcher), who met in Las Vegas after the hotel receptionist accidentally booked them in the same room. They shared a night full of gambling, drinking, dancing, partying and oops! - instant marriage?!

They woke up sober and realized the mess they just made. After a heated discussion about divorce, Joy gave Jack a quarter which the latter inserted into the slot machine. Surprisingly, the drop resulted into a jackpot, making Jack win the $3,000,000 prize. Joy now fights with Jack over the prize, claiming they're now married and should be sharing the prize. They even brought their case to court which resulted into the judge being disgusted with them and sentencing them to a 6-month of living together to try make their marriage work out before deciding on how they should split the pot.

It is just funny how the movie progressed as the couple tried to outwit each other into proving that one is a better husband or wife than the other. I guess the main conflict came in when they realized that they are falling in love with each other after all the nasty things they have done. The ending, I should say, is just right - no overkill as opposed to most Hollywood flicks. It was touching and sincere, and I should commend Diaz and Kutcher for good characterization.

I just couldn't believe why this film was underrated by critics. Overall, the movie is both funny and heartwarming, and I regret the fact that I have just watched it last night when this movie was released last 2008!

My rating: 75%

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