Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cabin in the Woods

This film is very successful in pretending to be the typical horror film. In the beginning, you are laid out with all the usual things you normally see in a horror movie - a group of stereotype kids (the whore, the athlete, the nerd, the fool and the virgin) planning a weekend getaway in a remote cabin in the woods. Sounds predictable right? You'll think something bad and scary is really going to happen.

Wait until you realize there's a lot more to it that it seems. Turns out, these youngsters are sacrifices to ancient gods by a team of professionals controlling the environment around the cabin, releasing zombies to kill these kids and deliver the blood to the awaiting gods. Some are killed while those who managed to survive realized this truth and saw all the monsters locked up in the facility that they could have chosen to kill them.

The movie was creatively made to challenge the viewers to think that this couldn't just be a typical movie from the start by inserting scenes in the facility that controls the cabin environment. There were elements of reality TV shows (like Big Brother perhaps) and some comedy. Suspense and gore (yes, there's definitely blood) were still there, the way it should be. Acting was believable and makes one sympathize and hate different characters. This is definitely a well thought of and ingenious horror film.

My rating: 95%

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