Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Monopoly Deal

Last December 2011, I received a really nice gift from my friend Major through our exchange gift during our Christmas dinner - a set of Monopoly Deal cards (Hong Kong version). I just opened the card set and played with my friends on Christmas night in Tagaytay when we stayed in a hotel. Upon easily learning how to play it (through the instructions sheet), we got really addicted to it. I brought it in the office after the holidays and taught my colleagues how to play it during our break times, and they all got hooked too!

The game is very similar to the original Monopoly board game. But this time, there's no need for a banker, there are no more play money bills and miniature houses - just cards. In order for a player to win, a player simply has to collect 3 property sets so it is possible to win in a matter of minutes. Fast paced, but what makes it more exciting are the action cards like Debt Collector, Sly Deal, Deal Breaker and others that enable a player to either collect money or get properties from another player.

It tests a player's ability to manage the balance between available money and properties on hand (kept) or thrown down (already shown to all players). At the same time, it pushes a player to strategize wisely on using action cards - when to use them and whom to use them against. And of course, one's luck in picking the right cards also play a factor. In short - it's a game of strategy, courage, luck and fun!

Two to six players can play this game. If I'm not mistaken, there are several versions of the game - US, UK and Hong Kong (which reflects on the property and utility names). I think the Hong Kong version has more action cards than the other versions (Double Sly Deal, Go to Jail, Speeding Ticket, etc.), which makes it more exciting.

For more information on how to own your own set, here is the link to Hasbro's website: This is also available in local toy and hobby stores like Toy Kingdom, Hobbes and Landes and major department stores.

Frequently asked questions are answered at this site:

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