Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Prometheus is a movie about a group of scientists who travels the universe to another planet in response to a misunderstood invitation from aliens or "engineers" who they believe created humankind from their own DNA structure. They then realize the hostility that awaits them is not only a threat to them but for the existence of humans.

Upon learning that the movie was a prequel to "Alien" (1979), I was disappointed. This could have just stood out on its own because I could not see a link that would clearly connect this to the movie series. The story and theories laid out in this movie were already promising in themselves to challenge existing different religious faiths and established scientific beliefs about the creation of mankind.

The special effects and cinematography were great, as expected of modern sci-fi movies. The depiction and description of the alien planet, spaceship, and structures were impressively detailed. Musical score, however, is okay - it was not that striking.

The problem lies with the characters which were not developed properly so as to engage the audience to know them better. Exception was to David's character (robot) which was well-played by Michael Fassbender. The rest of the acting were mediocre. There were scenes that are not natural human reactions (direction flaws). Examples are:
  • Scientists just removing their headgears in an unfamiliar planet with an atmosphere probably contaminated by harmful elements, because they want to.
  • Meeting a scary and aggressive snake-like creature and not running away, instead stopping, approaching and touching it so that it can easily kill him.
  • Having undergone a surgical operation (laser caesarian birth) and looking as if it simply caused mild pain. The woman can easily run to and fro again after her abdomen has been stitched.
  • Staying with the captain who decided to hit the alien spacecraft with the aircraft they are currently riding, without fleeing for their lives when they had the chance.
The list of these questionable human behaviors could go on, and this I think puts the movie in a disadvantage.

Overall, the movie is just okay. Pure entertainment. With its overwhelming budget, it could have been made more exciting and the story more controversial so as to sell it even more. In the end, it left viewers thinking that there could probably be a sequel to this prequel.

My rating: 75%


  1. hmm.. its giving me a second thought to watch the movie.. Thanks for the review. It helps me.

  2. It's still worth watching though... But it's up to you whether you wanna watch it in the cinema or DVD na lang. Haha.


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