Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)

In this fourth part of the series, the entire team (cast, director, crew) once again never failed to deliver a stunning masterpiece to the fans of the franchise. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is one hell of an action treat showcasing unbelievable stunts, breathtaking scenery and marvelous technology.

In the movie, the IMF is shut down when it's implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization's name. The mission is dangerous, the complications are exciting, the locations added color to the film (Budapest, Moscow, Dubai, Mumbai and Seattle), some comedy is added, yet the film's overall plot and theme remained simple - to save the world, which made it easy to watch.

Acting was really good. The cast were able to stay consistent with their characters and their delivery of actions scenes were impressive. I have to commend Tom Cruise not only for doing the Burj Khalifa stunt himself, but for making the viewers believe that he is definitely not too old to remain in action films.

The best thing about the film are the unforgettable action scenes. I should say the climbing, scaling and jumping scene at the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai (the tallest in the world to date) is the trademark of this film. Other remarkable scenes include the bombing of the Kremlin, the man-chase during a sandstorm and the high-tech valet parking fight scene.

Cinematography, special effects and the technology introduced are fantastic and almost impossible to believe because they're just so cool. This makes the movie more fun to watch.

Overall, the movie is definitely worth watching, shouldn't be missed by fans of the series and ordinary moviegoers alike.

My rating: 100%


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