Monday, June 11, 2012

Non-straight guys

Disclaimer: Some of my definitions and descriptions below may not be politically correct.

Okay, so there are the straight guys and girls. On the other side are the non-straight people. And below are my categorization of the non-straight:

Based on attraction:
  • Lesbian - women who are attracted to women
  • Gay - men who are attracted to men
  • Bi-sexual - men/women who are attracted to both men/women
  • Transgender - men/women who vary from the usual gender roles (e.g. transsexuals/cross-dressers); may/or may not be attracted to persons of the same sex
I'd like to focus on the non-straight men as this is where discrimination amongst each other occurs - something which I do not understand at all. I mean, it's hard living with the discrimination from those narrow-minded straight people; why do we have to discriminate other homosexuals just because they are out or they behave loudly? This discrimination is very rampant on gay dating sites and gay-oriented chat channels, which is unreasonable and should not happen.

So I'd like to lay out my further categorizations:

Based on behavior:
  • Masculine - acts, dresses and speaks very manly
  • Average - mildy masculine and effeminate, exhibiting both characteristics
  • Effeminate - acts, dresses and speaks very femininely
Based on whether discreet or out:
  • Discreet - limited number or almost no one knows of one's sexual preference
  • Out - many or everyone knows of one's sexual preference

After describing the 3 categories above, one can now properly describe one's self. Me? I am a gay guy who has an average behavior and one who is out. And I am proud of who I am. Out and proud!

Being gay or whatever does not make someone less of a person. Sexual preference should no longer be a basis to judge a person. This is the 21st century. Let's be reasonable, fair and civilized.

Furthermore, in the gay world, being effeminate does not make one cheaper than those who claim to be masculine. Likewise, being "masculine" does not put one in a better spot in society than those who love to be flamboyant.

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